The Butterfly and the Apple Tree is a short fable about a magic apple tree that was not happy with who it was.

Use left mouse to progress the story and right mouse to hide the text. This is our first visual novel. Hope you enjoy it.

Firefox or Chrome are the recommended browsers to use as of today. IE will not play any sound. You can download a Windows version here: The Butterfly and the Apple Tree

It takes longer to load the first time but once the page is cached it will play much faster. If the sound happens to go out of sync then reload the page. This again has to do with cached data.

The visual novel runs at 960x640. If you're using an old PC with a 800x600 resolution click the bottom right icon to go to full screen. Otherwise it is recommended you press F11 and enter full screen (Firefox/Chrome).

Story written by: Winter-of-Hearts

Art created by: Fireytika

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